Our Mission

To share a thriving home connected with our land and seasons where we support each other physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through play, learning, and growth we create a nourishing and inspiring community.

Play, Learning, Growth

Intentional communities come in all shapes and sizes – each with their own purpose and approach to life.  Some communities are founded upon a religious or philosophical doctrine, environmental or ecological initiative, or even for the purpose to serve people of a similar age and activity (eg. retirement communities around golf courses).

The Emerald Village however, combines all of these aspects and none.  Our community is comprised of people from all around the world with different cultures and upbringings.  There are almost 8 decades of life between our youngest and oldest members.  Our community members include sustainable agricultural practitioners as well as teachers, business owners, builders, and even emergency first responders.

It is for this reason that we refer to ourselves as “An Observatory.”  We get to watch and observe what happens when people from all walks of life come together to live.  What’ve we’ve discovered? A simply wild, loving way to live.


A community that plays together stays together.

Play is a necessary component of any healthy community. We do our best to make sure to have play time together- young and old. It is not uncommon to find us throwing frisbees, sharing community meals, competing in axe throwing or archery, or even having a talent show. The more laughter and smiles- the less heart ache and tears.


Discover, Integrate, Share, Cultivate

While our community members are diverse, there is one thing each of our members are 100% committed to learning. We support and encourage each other in becoming the best version of ourselves. Stepping beyond our own community we connect and learn from practitioners, professors, mentors, elders, and professionals. We also learn from each other through workshops, men and women circles, and even host evening events for healthy discourse and debate. These myriad of skills provide us with the necessary tools to cultivate and maintain a healthy community.


I want to grow old with you, but first let’s do this life thing.

As the years pass, our relationships have deepened tremendously. Babies have been born, kids have graduated, family members have passed, and here we are… still growing together. Granted, it has not always been “rainbows and unicorns,” so to assist us in this “growing old together,” we’ve had to implement some agreements. These pacts are especially around raising children, dietary needs, husbandry-keeping, and we even have adopted a tried-and-true community governance structure called “Sociocracy.” Each of these systems help us to live more harmoniously and grow our community in a positive direction.

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