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1st Saturday, Blitz Day

Living in community can be fairly hectic. We have our children to raise, schools to attend, jobs to maintain, and all the responsibilities of living in today’s world. So, in order to keep making progress on our work as a collective, we’ve allocated the 1st Saturday of every month to tackle a project together. These projects may include developing a Play Area, working in our Food Forest, or simply doing general clean up around the property. This is a prime opportunity to introduce yourself to us and join the team. Please Note: Blitz days often require use of tools and machinery and are not appropriate for young children. In the event of rain, Blitz Days are cancelled.

2nd Sunday, Community Brunch

EVO is excited to invite the public to attend our Monthly Community Brunch! In addition to enjoying a meal together, participants will be led on a community tour by one of our residents. If you are interested in attending please fill out the visitors form prior to attending, and we will forward all necessary information to ensure your visit will be most fruitful.

Schedule a Tour

We will provide a private tour with one of our community members to answer any questions you may have. Private tours are $30 per group. Please bring comfortable walking shoes, hat, and a beverage. Thank you for connecting with us.

Wisteria Fundraiser

Partner with us to help our 200 year-old Wisteria stay alive and thrive.


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