Our Small Yet Expansive Community

In 2011, a group of ten friends asked themselves one simple question:  “What would our dream home be like?”  They collectively mapped out their visions, and in just a few weeks found a place big enough for all their dreams, where they still live today.   That group has since grown to include more children & elders, chickens, goats, bees, a rabbit, edible and beneficial gardens, and a plethora of friends from around the world that each bring their own contribution to the shared dream of this community.

As a group, EVO strives to support each other’s personal, spiritual, and economic growth, to be in service to our greater community, and to be good stewards of our land. We do this because we are passionate about creating a sustainable, conscious environment in which to raise families and deepen our connections with each other. We believe in the importance of innovation because we wish to live a life in which celebration and love are important components of our work.