Our  Land and History

What is known today as “The Emerald Village” has a much longer history than its current occupants.

This pristine 9 acre property, including an almost 200 year-old Wisteria (which still thrives today), at one time included the 200+ surrounding acres. It was owned and managed by two “Pillars of North County San Diego,” Oliver and Patti Morris, who sought to create a private retreat for prominent figures in both Hollywood and the Government. This property acted as a venue to host a number of social gatherings to support the leaders and artists in the community at large stretching back to the early 60’s and beyond.

Following in the footsteps of our predecessors, the community of EVO also intends on preserving the beauty that is so unique to our area. In addition, we also appreciate the beauty that may be experienced through collaborative relationships. It is also not uncommon for the names Patti and Oliver to escape our lips as we discern and navigate how best to develop our initiatives.

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