Getting to Know Us

Hello! Thanks for wanting to get to know us and be a part of our larger community. We get a lot of requests for everything from tours to residency, so this is your one stop shop to stay in touch with us and learn about all our events.

The EVO Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is the main way we keep in touch with our friends and family. We share major announcements, upcoming events and cute pictures of community life.

Visiting Us

Every month we open our doors to the public for a community brunch & tour. It’s typically the 2nd Sunday of the month. To RSVP and for more details, email us at

Songwriters-in-the-Round Concert Series

Every month between March and October our very own resident musician Dave Booda brings talented songwriters from around the country to our community for a magical night of music, storytelling and laughter (lots of laughter!)

The songwriter-in-the-round format is something you see a lot in Nashville, so it’s sometimes called “Nashville-in-the-Round” and it’s a format where all the songwriters are on stage together, trading off playing songs, and joining each other for harmonies, guitar playing and stage banter.

The best way to hear about these shows is via email, so if you’d like to stay in touch, sign up below.

The EVO Documentary

We made a slideshow that turned into a documentary, and it tells the story of how our community got started. We’ve been through a lot, and we’re really proud of what we built.

This movie is free to share with anyone you’d like, just link them to this page. It won’t be on YouTube or any other video platforms, due to the fact that we used a bunch of music that wasn’t licensed.

How to Support Our Vision

We have big dreams of expanding our community to include more events, scholarships, a hub for learning and much more! If you appreciate what we do and want to help us fulfill our vision, we’re have a 501(c)(3) that accepts donations of any size. Please contact us for more information, or you can donate directly through this PayPal link, and thank you!

General Inquiries

For matters related to residency, email our HR Circle at

For matters related to events and public relations, email our PR circle at



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