Each Month we interview a member of our community to give you a glimpse into who we are and what we have learned along the way. This month we sat down with co-founder, co-owner and social architect, Jessica Plancich Shinners. Here is what she had to say.

What work do I do?

I am a wild woman, mother, wife, communitarian and child of God. My shingle says I’m a psychotherapist, leadership coach and organizational consultant. I consider myself a social architect that integrates Eastern and Western, esoteric and empirical and heaven and earth into a grounded and applied way of encouraging people to lead from the heart. My consultancy, Fierce Grace is devoted to supporting leaders of self, family, community and enterprise to come from a place of integrity from the inside out (www.fiercegraceconsulting.com)

How Does living in community support or inform your presence in the world.

Living in community boldly and audaciously rubs my nose in the truth of the interconnectivity of all things. My awareness of the butterfly effect has never been so apparent to me since deciding to live a more tribal way of life. I am constantly reminded and confronted by the fact that what I think, say and do directly and potently impacts my world and those I care about and the feedback loops are loud and rude…in a good way.  By that I mean I’m glad, because left to my own devices, without the reflection of those also devoted to a path of evolution, I would likely delude myself about who I am and the impact I have on my environment. Thankfully, I listened to the inner twinkling many, many years ago (and even drew in crayons about it) that this is the lifestyle I needed to activate some deep, native intelligence inside of me about humanity, co-existence and love.

What is your greatest lesson living in community?

Humility. The kind of humility that brings you to your knees and reminds you (in Abraham Maslow’s words), “We are simultaneously Gods and worms.” With nowhere to hide amongst people whom I admire and respect, I am constantly reminded of the power of humility in the face of the inspiration and irritation that has me constantly breeching new edges of my capacities. For this I am fiercely grateful and wouldn’t (couldn’t) have it any other way.

Upcoming Event… 

Each year Jessica pairs up with an amazing artist, Krista Richards, to bring an evening of connection and celebration. Whether you are single or in a relationship, Love Bath is sure to nourish and enliven your heart, soul and connections. For more details Click HERE: