Previous Events

The Emerald Village hosts a few select events each year. We focus on empowerment, sustainability, community and celebration. Here are a few events that have happened here over the past seven years.

Diana Leafe Christian Community Workshops; 2018

Diana Leafe Christian, Author of Building a Life Together, is coming to Southern California to offer TWO of her highly sought after three-day training workshops, “Starting a Successful Eco-Village or Intentional Community” and “Sociocracy for Intentional Communities and Member-Led Groups.”

It Takes a Village; 2015

Three days of family-focused, community-driven festival fun.

We invite YOU into the “Emerald Village Observatory” for an immersive community experience that will inspire all ages to explore and celebrate what it means to be part of the global family. Bring your childlike curiosity to delve into the science of sustainable shenanigans, get down and (literally!) dirty as we dance in the gardens and then get foamy with your homies!

We are excited to also offer a series of WHYshops that create space for a deep investigation into emerging culture and topics that are relevant to evolving families and burgeoning communities. Conscious parenting, family well-being community building, permaculture, rites of passage, intimacy, spirituality, emergent technologies, and financial and global health are the focal points of “It Takes a Village.”

Re-Inhabiting the Village; 2013

A 1-day intensive on gaining skills, local resources and knowledge to maintain, build, or find people who want to build an ecovillage together. This event helped to fund Project Nuevo Mundo’s Earth Odyssey, a 4-month bus mission beginning at Emerald Village to Central America with 20 experts in sustainability and an incredible media team with the goal of building an on-the-ground network and providing imperative, regenerative technology skills and labor and professional media and publicity to impact centers and communities in the United States, Mexico and Central America.

MOPS Event; 2013

Marvin Ong’s Prop Shop Event brought hundreds of the best flow dancers – staff, hoop, poi, jugglers and more – to the Emerald Village for a two day retreat. Full days of workshops and nights full of fire performances made this event truly epic and memorable.

Permaculture Design and Empowerment Retreat; 2013

The Permaculture Design & Empowerment Course (PDEC) is designed to help you create a regenerative point of view and way of being on all levels. We spent 16 days learning about sustainable systems in great detail, and also explored our deeper selves.

Wisteria Fundraiser

Partner with us to help our 200 year-old Wisteria stay alive and thrive.


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