Residency Opportunities

We Currently Have a 6–12 Month Wait List  

Many people have inquired about the nature of our residency program. Here’s a little summary of our “why” and history of this program here at the Emerald Village and our requirements and agreements around residency.

As one of the few intentional communities in Southern California, we are constantly asked about visiting and learning more about what we do. One of our intentions in the creation of this project is to share a way of living in collaboration and restoring a village mentality to raise children. We also greatly value cultural and intellectual diversity and recognize the importance of having new people come to share their gifts and talents to infuse this effort with new ideas and fresh perspectives. Additionally, we are a group of very busy families raising young children on 9 acres of property. This requires many hands and hearts to support the land and all of the endeavors here. Over the years, we have attempted many different versions of residency here, from WOOF-ing to intern programs and work exchange arrangements. In the end, we deeply value each person’s contribution and gifts and have therefore arranged a very clean and clear program where each resident pays a fair rent value with many opportunities for various jobs as direct hires on the land and from our owners.

We have also put time limits on resident stays to not exceed one year because we have learned over time that our temporary living situations and shared amenities are best utilized on a short-term basis.

Contributions and Expected Participation

We utilize a governance system called Sociocracy that is comprised of a central circle of owners and “daughter circles” to oversee various aspects of our community, including: education and outreach, human relations, land, maintenance and finance. We have found that this system aids us to make autonomous decisions and membership is based upon skill set and interest. We ask that every person at EVO join one primary circle as their core contribution place and can join as many as desired (keeping in mind to be mindful of self-care and output). Circle membership can change any time and communication with the operations leader of the circle and resident circle is key. After the first 90 days, we (The primary circles’ operations leader in conjunction with the resident circle) will review each resident’s right fit.  Residents will also have an opportunity to provide input and feedback about how things are going so that we can all learn from one another.

Extended stays up to one year may be granted in conjunction with the resident circle as long as there continues to be a right fit.

  • Community meals: it is expected that every resident team up with another Evo member to prepare one meal a month for the community and pays for this expense out of pocket. A moderate amount of community food program goods can be used for these meals.
  • Land blitz: it is expected that every resident participate in our 4 hour land project event (we call a “blitz”) that happens the first Saturday of every month.
  • Regular  meetings: We hold meetings for the whole community once per month, with our circle leads once per month and then, depending on the sociocracy circle you are a part of, you may meet 1-2 times additionally.

It should be noted that we understand that much can come up in the process of becoming a resident at the Emerald Village. Major amounts of transformation and healing often take place, and we understand that life circumstances may arise that prevent you from participating regularly. At the same time, we have limited spots for residents and these spots are highly sought after and reserved for those who are truly interested and able to participate in community life. 

If you would like to be considered for residency, you can apply here:

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To be considered for residency, you must be prepared for the following:

  • Attend 1-3 meetings
  • Attend community brunch
  • Attend a work blitz
  • Participate in an interview
  • And have references checked

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