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Dear Friends & Future Friends, 

My name is Bianca and I am one of the Founders of The Emerald Village.  One of my roles here at EVO is replying to General Inquiries received through our website.  As you can imagine, we receive HUNDREDS of emails on a weekly basis- many of which inquire about becoming a resident or visiting our location.  Honestly, there are too many for me to field independently.  So to remedy this situation, I’ve asked for help from my other Community Mates (aka our Sociocratic Daughter Circles)- specifically those who oversee Residency and Visitor Applications. 

If you want to inquire about LIVING HERE or VISITING please CLICK THE LINKS ABOVE.  This will see that your email makes it to the appropriate person in an expeditious manner.  All other inquiries (unrelated to residency or visiting) may utilize the form below, of which I will be responding.  

Happy to oblige & Look forward to meeting you!  



Ps. If you want to host an event here please visit our “Host Your Event Page.”